The nourishing dietitian

I'm Carolyn, a third generation Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who believes life is for living, not restricting

I aspire to be an integral piece of the upstream, preventive approach to wellness in Portland, ME. I believe that effective nutrition counseling is centered not only around nutrition assessment and planning but, more importantly, an individual’s relationship with food. Behavioral lifestyle changes along with mindful and intuitive eating patterns are crucial to long-term success and optimal quality of life.

Three Generations of Dietitians

Nutrition is quite literally "in my blood".  As the granddaughter of one dietitian and the daughter of another, my appreciation for nutrition and all of the ways in which it can improve an individual’s quality of life began in my most formative years.  From the right you will see me, my mother Kristin, my grandmother Ruth, my cousin Michelle and her husband Brian (all dietitians). 


Education & Experience

Graduate • Simmons CollegeDidactic Program in Dietetics
Undergraduate • The University of TampaBachelor of Science in Marketing

My entrepreneurial spirit came to fruition in 2013 when I launched Carolyn Victoria Brands as a Brand & Marketing Consultant for dietitians and wellness organizations nationwide. Through this I have gained valuable experience with businesses of various sizes and skill sets within the field of health promotion.  My education and professional experience combined with my passionate, innovative spirit allow me to effectively communicate the science behind nutrition to a diverse audience in a fun, practical manner.